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For a white wedding experience as unique as you are.

When you share your white wedding dreams with us, you’ll discover we’re right there with you: committed to dreams coming true.
We’re professionals dedicated to getting the details just right.
We’re on top of the latest trends in cuisine and décor.
We know vendors with impeccable histories of bringing wedding ideas and venues to life.
And we’re always open to trying something new and fun.
After all, our hearts are in this too.

Do you want make perfect your wedding? contact our partner Il Coriandolo

Wedding Lighting - Architectural Lighting and Environment: The Coriandolo Wedding Animation, for years, deals with "Architectural Lighting", a new and dynamic way to live a location. We are able to transform, visually, any place thanks to the use of special self-powered lights, wireless and all strictly battery-powered, thus avoiding extensions and dangerous cables. The light fittings or "Wedding Lighting" are divided into several types: lighting of walls and elevations of castles and villas, table lighting with high-brightness LEDs and table backlighting, special effects and color changes to create a suggestive luminous setting for swimming pools or monuments. In addition, we have furniture, chairs and lighting elements (light tables, armchairs with led lighting, luminous vases, etc ...) to set up in a modern and elegant way any place dedicated to your wedding. 

Arrangements for Ceremonies and Civil Rites: If you want to get married directly in the location you selected, no problem! Il Coriandolo Wedding Animation will be ready to set up the area dedicated to the civil ceremony in a simple and elegant way. You can choose from a wide selection of chairs, dressed or not, carpets in different colors, canopies and flowered arches; in short, for every taste a solution!

Candle Holder Bags - Candel Bag: The luminous bags, originally called candel bags or candle bags, are made of fire-resistant paper so they can be used in whole environments or outside areas. Each bag measures cm. h.27 x 16 x 0.8 and is supplied complete with candle / light. These candle bags are one of the ideas for original weddings and are also used as wedding placeholder ideas. Just a little imagination to set up and make your reception exclusive!

Our Wedding Cakes 


Meringue base, cream, custard, pieces of marrons glacés and chocolate chips. 


Sweet and tasty tart with fresh seasonal fruit, with butter pastry, custard and jelly. 


A tasty cake with layers of puff pastry, custard or chocolate cream. 


A delicious cake with sponge cake washed down with a sludge of our own design with a low alcoholic grade, which can be increased in degree, chantilly cream, cream and white chocolate flakes on request. 


A soft, tasty cake, with fresh seasonal fruit and sponge cake washed down with a syrup of our own design with a low alcohol content, which can be increased by request. All garnished with a delicate jelly. 


A delicious cake with sponge cake, chantilly cream and cream. The sponge cake is washed down with a special wetting of our idea with a low alcohol content (on request it is possible to increase the alcohol content).


is a graphic studio specialized in the design of personalized coordinates for weddings and events. We know that every marriage is unique and that all spouses want to make it special and personal. For this reason we like to create tailor-made, unique and non-repeatable products designed specifically for each couple. We design fully customized graphics that can be applied to the entire wedding coordinate, thus giving importance to the care of every detail. The different competences of our study allow us to follow all the phases of the realization of the coordinates, from graphic design, to printing, to embroidery and to the assembly of participations, invitations, mass booklets, menus, place cards, tableau and favors.

All our proposals are made on papers and envelopes chosen in order to guarantee the highest quality to our customers.

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