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When you share your white wedding dream with us, you will find that we are right there with you: committed to making your dreams come true.

Graphic studio specialized in weddings and events.
The graphic design is tailor-made for you and applied to the wedding coordinate, thus giving importance to the care of every detail (menu, placeholder, tableau and favors).
Each wedding is unique and all the spouses wish to make it special and personal!

The agency deals with Architectural Lighting visually transforming any place thanks to the help of special self-powered and wireless lights
It is also specialized in simple and elegant arrangements: vast selections of chairs, covered and uncoated, carpets in different colors, canopies and floral arches.
In short, a solution for every taste!

FaberJour was born from the passion for beautiful things, those that find their most complete expression in details and in their care. FaberJour was born from the passion for your passions and takes care of making them live better without having to worry about anything else.