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A return to ordinariness.

The guidelines for the latest Dpcm on coronavirus anti-infection measures

Spaced tables: The arrangement of the tables must guarantee the maintenance of at least one meter of separation between the guests, except the cohabitants, and the use of outdoor spaces, such as our garden and terraces, will be privileged.
In indoor premises, guests who get up from the tables have to wear a mask.

Portioned buffet: During the buffet it will not be possible for guests to touch the food with their own hands. Self-service mode can only be allowed for buffets made with single-dose packaged products. Sauces, bread, crackers, breadsticks can be administered to the guests in unpackaged single portion, served by the waiters directly with the use of tongs.
In order to avoid gatherings, the distance of one meter must also be respected during the queue to serve or be served.

No group photos and close-up dances: Newlyweds and guests in outdoor settings are not obliged to wear a mask to respect interpersonal distancing.
Photographers (obliged to wear a mask) shall take photos in a "responsible way". Group photos in which non-cohabiting guests will be at close range will not be allowed.
In the moment of the dance party, the crowding index of two square meters per person shall be respected on the dance floor.