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Courmayeur Experiences

Courmayeur: where Alpine tradition meets Italian style.


The municipality of Courmayeur plays host to the tallest mountain to be found in Italy or, indeed, anywhere in central Europe – Mont Blanc – and the town itself is a renowned Alpine tourist resort in both summer and winter.

Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, it is the last municipality you come to before reaching France via the Mont Blanc Tunnel (which unites Courmayeur with Chamonix). Passing through the municipality is the Dora Baltea, a river created by the confluence of two torrents, each of which meanders its way through one of the two valleys that can be reached from Courmayeur: the Val Ferret and the Val Veny.

Courmayeur is located around 17 miles to the north-west of Aosta. It is the westernmost municipality of the Valle d'Aosta, and the second largest. Courmayeur is situated at an altitude of 1224 metres (4015 feet) at the foot of the massif of Mont Blanc, in a lush valley with abundant fir and larch trees, encircled by mountains and glaciers.

Although it is an internationally important tourist resort, Courmayeur retains its authentic Alpine atmosphere, which you can feel as you stroll around the shops on Via Roma, in the heart of the town, and also in the beautiful, traditional villages that surround the main settlement and are scattered all the way up to the top of the central valley.

The winning combination of Alpine atmosphere and Italian style is also very much in evidence in the hospitality facilities in Courmayeur – from the luxury hotels to the Alpine shelters and the campsites – and, equally, in the time-honoured coffee bars in the centre and in the restaurants on the pistes. In Courmayeur, there is a tremendous attention to detail in the welcome given to one and all, in the palpable love for tradition and in the obvious respect for the local architectural vernacular.

Courmayeur is easy to reach throughout the year: from France and the rest of Europe via the Mont Blanc tunnel, and from the other regions of Italy on the Valle d'Aosta motorway.